Biggest Impact

Interesting post from Emerging EdTech about a survey of educators about what technologies have the biggest impact on teachers.

The three were:

  1. Teacher professional development
  2. Providing a computer and internet access for every student
  3. Mobile Technologies

These aren’t a surprise and it is definitely worth paying attention!

I sit on a district curriculum committee as a parent rep. This week, the Media Specialists made their presentation about curriculum plans for the next seven years. (OK, just that is totally unfair. How can a group who deals with technology plan out seven years?)

The media specialists got it. They knew why technology and digital literacy are so important. It was very clear to me that they are often speaking to people who don’t understand – to the teachers in the district. They did a survey of the teachers. Comments on the survey made it clear that teachers don’t feel it is their responsibility to teach the concepts of digital literacy, critical thinking about sources, etc.

Professional development is key. It is essential. Don’t forget it! Without it, those other two (which are also incredibly important) are worthless.

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