Slow Going

Saw this article on Twitter today (from the Iowa City, IA, newspaper, I believe) about how the adoption of technology in schools is “slow and uneven.”

“If (educators) could realize the value of technology, I think that would contribute greatly to the amount of learning that could be done,” [Adam] Canady said.

Adam is a high school senior.

The article discusses a number of reasons, including a school system getting stuck in a rut of always doing the same thing; funding priorities; and the need for a culture change.

I disagree with the expert quoted as saying teachers are afraid of technology because they feel they will be replaced. I certainly don’t see anyone successfully integrating education technology ever saying teachers will be replaced. It’s quite the opposite. Most people advocating more tech integration say the success of the integration depends on the teacher.

I certainly do relate to this article. I work with schools and teachers all day that are committed to integrating technology for the good of the students’ education. Then I set foot in my kids’ schools and am told students can’t use phones, teachers don’t post assignments online, etc.