Learning for Yesterday

I popped into a virtual conference today to hear a keynote by Mark Prensky. He was his usual irreverent self. I do enjoy his keynotes, and appreciate his commitment to education and his ability to justify the use of technology.

For example, he said that denying a student’s use of technology is denying the child’s birthright as a 21st century citizen. Why? We sure don’t deny adults the tools, so why should adults deny a student?

I also loved this slide showing the evolution of a literate person. I concur. If I was hiring staff today, would I look for the highest test score? Would I look for the best 5-paragraph essay? Nope. I’d look for the person who could create a video, deliver content visually, could be creative and think differently. Making a video requires even higher developed critical thinking skills, it means the student has to think not only in text, but in visuals. It’s far more difficult than that 5-paragraph essay. Bring it on!

Marc Prensky’s vision of a Literate Learner. Don’t teach for yesterday. Teach for tomorrow.