Relating to The Lone Wolf

Ran across this blog post about The Lone Wolf by Dave Truss in the Connected Principals blog.

Read it for yourself, but in a nutshell, he’s supporting those teachers who feel like they’re tryng, trying to move along a path, but are still stuck in the same schools, traditions, processes and bureaucracy as always.

While I’m no longer teaching, I am a parent who has been advocating for this education paradigm shift. And I’m getting no where. In fact, the other day after yet another offer to do something for my child’s school was rejected (this time was to teach a parent technology class, or a teacher class) I was tempted to email and ask why they will not work with me.

I know why, though. I’m way ahead of them and they aren’t ready to go there. It’s not their priority yet. In the meantime, they’ll keep making decisions about technology without thinking it through.