I read a fascinating discussion about standardized tests in an unexpected place — the Costco Connection. They asked the question, “Are Standardized Tests a Fair Measure of Student Achievement?”  (This issue also includes an article about Sal Khan and Khan Academy.)

Article from the August 2013 edition of Costco Connects

Article from the August 2013 edition of Costco Connection

The “expert” argument against the question was by a teacher and author, Karen Zittleman. I was particularly drawn to her argument that the pressure and reliance on the tests is unwarranted and is actually damaging.

She quotes Alfie Kohn, suggesting that parents question the level of standardized test by asking,

“What did you have to sacrifice about my child’s education to raise those scores?”

This is a perfect question. After hearing about three weeks being spent on test prep, computer labs restricted to testing and more, guess what I’ll be asking this year!!

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