Self-Regulation: American Schools Are Failing Nonconformist Kids | New Republic

Definitely worth a read: “Self-Regulation: American Schools Are Failing Nonconformist Kids | New Republic” by Elizabeth Weil.

When my daughter was in kindergarten (she starts 11th grade tomorrow), my husband and I were horrified by the expectation that all these 5 and 6 year olds were expected to sit still. Too bad we didn’t act on our impulses and start thinking more critically about the education system at the point – our daughter would’ve been better served. Instead, she learned how to sit still, look like she was learning, and how to play the game.

My daughter isn’t one of those kids who had trouble sitting still when she was supposed to. We never had issues with her behavior. I wish we would have. I’m not sure that knowing how to tow the line, sit in a circle and listen passively to an adult is what she needs to develop life skills. Even more, she has mastered the skill of looking like she’s paying attention when she really isn’t. That’s not a good skill to learn. Thanks for teaching her that one. 


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