The Generation Gap

I experienced the generation gap today.

Today, I attended a retreat for the board of a local community theater. The board is, happily, a mix of ages – from high school thru retired people. We were having a loose conversation late in the meeting about communications, especially how to find people at the last minute or in a hurry.

It wasn’t possible to come up with a way that worked for all. It totally fit the stereotype: the older folks don’t check their phones, and the younger ones don’t check email. What to do?

It was a multi-faceted decision:

  • a group text function for most of us, for urgent communications, etc.
  • a good old fashioned phone call to cell phones for really urgents/emergency contact; or to catch the admin who is constantly on the move
  • and Facebook messaging to contact the younger set! They’ll see Facebook messages immediately on their phones. Facebook messages were seen by that group as a much more reliable way to connect. Forget email!

I think the system will work. Just takes good contacts list with lots of numbers!