Somehow I feel that reading 12 pages glossing over the entire history of slavery is not an effective way to learn history.


Tweet from a wise and insightful 15-year-old high school student


“You wouldn’t s…

“You wouldn’t send your child to a pediatrician that practice medicine from the 1970s. Why would you send your students to such a school?”

Awesome quote from a Project Red webinar about the need for urgency in adopting technology in education. Will post link to webinar when it’s up.


Quotes from the Digital Textbook Playbook

The FCC published the Digital Textbook Playbook on Feb. 1, Digital Learning Day. The Playbook (and other resources) are designed to provide schools with resources for building their own digital learning environment.

I’m just reading the Playbook and am seeing great quotes. I’ll post the quotes here as a place to keep them.

The dynamic in many classrooms around the country remains decidedly 20th Century:
teach the paper textbook, test the students at a fixed point in time, and move on. There also remains a
profound disconnect between the learning that happens in school and that which takes place out of
school. – p. 6


A modern day approach to digital learning is a personalized experience that dynamically identifies and addresses each student’s unique learning needs in a manner appropriate to their learning interests, styles, and aptitude, and does so anytime and anywhere.
The most important component of successful digital learning conversions has been strong, collaborative leadership.


Too often technology and digital learning is added on top of the existing practices, challenging already
busy curriculums and overwhelming busy teachers. Instead, successful digital learning implementations
require modifications to the curriculum to replace ineffective practices with those that best leverage the
technology. – p. 14

— from the Digital Textbook Playbook, published by the FCC, Feb. 1, 2012


Paradigm Shift

One of the primary elements of 21st Century education is that it puts technology into the hands of students, rather than solely in the hands of the teacher. This is a paradigm shift for an educational culture which has put a teacher in the front of the room….

— Christopher John Russell in Practical Technology for Music Education available as an ebook from his blog, Technology in Music Education