Thank goodness. 3M finally came up with the iPhone/iPad app I’ve been waiting for: PopNotes–  iPhone post-it notes!

I’m sure there are other post-it note type apps out there, but I haven’t found one I liked. I’ve been using PopNotes like crazy since the app was released a week or so ago. I use it every night to makes lists of what I have to do the next day…. make grocery lists…. quick notes about stuff I’ll forget.

It isn’t perfect, although I mostly disagree with this guy’s review of the app. I agree the registration issue is irritating at first, but now I’m done with that. It is true that there are many steps to post the PopNote, and that is irritating.

Here are my complaints:

  • Notes are not editable once you post them. Come on! (although this has been good for me — instead of retyping a task I didn’t complete, I’ve actually just done the dang task.)
  • I have been unable to invite “friends” to PopNotes, as it says you can do. The social aspect of these is somewhat intriguing – especially since they have a geolocation feature to pop up when you drive by a specified place.

Other than that, I’ve been looking for an iPhone feature that might let me do away with the millions of scraps of paper I have on my kitchen table and desk. I love that it has a reminder feature. Here’s a more positive review that points out good things I haven’t used yet.
I’ve tried various “task” apps, such as WunderList, and other apps such as Evernote, etc. I’ve used the Apple Notes app. But PopNotes fits the bill better, and I’m hoping 3M will keep making upgrades so all will be well with the minor issues I see right now.

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