You, too, can annotate in YouTube

Check out this interesting article from MindShift, “Five Reasons YouTube Rocks the Classroom.”

The first three are philosophical:

  1. Inspiration (HUGE access to digital content)
  2. More Access to Students (Flipped Classroom model)
  3. Global Connection (Yup… self-explanatory)

But it’s the 4th and 5th ones, the practical ones, that provide great tools!

4. Customizing Videos
Did you know you can edit videos right in YouTube? Not fancy, but hey. This article says you can do it with a smartphone….I will check that out.
5. Quizzing Students
This is too fun. You can add annotations to your YouTube videos, with speech bubbles, notes and highlights. Then, make them interactive by adding links to other video content (can only link to other YouTube content.) Many possibilities for quizzing, extended learning, self-exploration.

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