favorite #pencilchat posts

  • “I just wasted the entire afternoon drawing Angry Birds. #pencilchat” @Patrick_M_Len
  • “All my kids have their own pencil. They can even use them in their bedrooms on our wireless paper network. #pencilchat” @barrydahl
  • “Kids need fresh air and real interaction. If unsupervised they’ll just sit inside writing notes to their friends #pencilchat” @145lewis
  • “How do you make sure students stay on task when they are using pencils? #Pencilchat” @jetfighter


I’ve been busy all weekend with a theater production at our local community theater. Kids and husband in the show, I’m on the board and moved them to a new online ticketing system that launched with this show. It’s been a little all-consuming.

So I’m late coming to #pencilchat, although I saw bits of it over the weekend. It is hysterically funny, terribly sad, obviously frustrating, and incredibly intelligent.

If you haven’t, go to Twitter and search for #pencilchat.

Liz Dwyer has a great post about #pencilchat for a quick summary.