Creative Choices

For the last couple of days, my daughter and I have been weighing the good and bad points about taking an AP World History class. It seems like everywhere I turn, the signs are against it.

I guess it depends on your values and what you think matters. Whenever I ask the school, it’s all about getting kids ready for COLLEGE. OK, yes, that is valid. But truly, is that it? Is that all that high school is for? for COLLEGE? Are colleges really that myopic that they only want kids who do the traditional academic course? Is college admission and prep really all there is?

What about LIFE? Isn’t that more of a goal? What does the traditional AP type course really prepare you for? Reading heavy tomes of content and spitting it back on a test? Let me think how many times since college that I’ve taken a test. That would be ZERO. Never. Not once. How many times have I made a presentation? Many. How many times could I present information in ways besides a test? Always.

Which brings me to this great video about creativity that I ran across today. I’m just not sure rushing through a ton of content to spit it back is worth it. Take more time. Be creative. That will likely take you further.