A World that’s Already Passed

Quote from one of my favorite ed tech leaders, Chris Lehmann:

There is no reason to assume that kids have to use the same tools they used back in the 1950s. In fact to do so is to prepare them for a world that has already passed.


Apple used this quote in their big announcement today. Go Chris!

You can even see this great quote posted at the event.

Staying the Course

Sometimes I get frustrated as a parent. Not with my kids – but with the schools. I have spent the last year studying the impact of appropriate integration of technology in education. The results are overwhelmingly positive. Schools must move in that direction.

I try to talk with my kids’ schools. It is slow going. Obviously, they are the experts, and I certainly can’t jump in and tell them what to do. Yet, I also am responsible for my kids’ education and I have the right to speak up.

I think I’ve been respectful. I try to educate and inform. Yet, I feel like the schools really don’t want me involved. I see some movement, not much. Maybe I just want more action and faster. To me, it’s very obvious that incorporating the technology is a huge benefit, and I want it to happen now. Not at the school’s pace.

Saw this blog post today by The Tempered Radical. Basically, he’s frustrated with not having access to technology. Can’t say that I blame him. I do appreciate his comment about not criticizing his teaching when he has no access to technology.

I may try to change how I approach this. No longer will I be critical of them not using technology. I will ask how I can help them get technology and incorporate technology. I just ask their respect in return that when I ask about using technology in the classroom not to look at me like I’m crazy and stupid.