Stop Stealing Dreams

Do check out Seth Godin’s recent education manifesto, “Stop Stealing Dreams.”

There are many quotable quotes, but here’s just one, about multiple choice tests. Frederick Kelly created multiple choice tests in 1914 as a way to literally assign factory workers.  He said:

In the words of Professor Kelly, “This is a test of lower order thinking for the lower orders.”

Yup. And we still do it.

2 thoughts on “Stop Stealing Dreams

  1. Wow, I have had severe test anxiety because my brain is word and reader oriented. I write! I found your site and this was very interesting becuase I have several friends that are visual learners and dyslexic. I was also hoping for any information that you may have to help my friends write college papers in a way that will be more accessible.
    My name is caden briggs and i can be found on face book, though I don’t check my page very often, not a techie.

    • crossons says:

      Glad you found something useful here. There are many other blog writers who would have more helpful information for your friends. Some tricks we’ve used include dictating papers instead of typing and asking to have assignments made into visual products, rather than solely text based. For example, producing a short 3-5 minute moving can demonstrate learning as much as a paper (even more so, in my opinion.) See my blog post about Digital Storytelling for some great examples from teachers. Be sure to check out the websites linked in that post.

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