Oh my goodness — I have to post this blog: “25 Struggles Only ENFP’s will Understand” by Heidi Priebe.

I am a confirmed ENFP, very strong on the E and the P for sure. This post cracked me up. I also really appreciate it  because it explains things and maybe will let me feel less guilty!

Take #4:”Having a thousand great ideas that you never follow through on.” That would be me. And then I feel guilty about never finishing anything.

Or #12: “Stressing out friends and acquaintances who don’t like straying from the original plan.” That’s work – I am always more of a “we’ll do what seems right when we get there” rather than setting out solid, unmoving goals. I know people get frustrated with that, but then again, I get frustrated when those solid goals turn out to not be the right ones and there isn’t any flexibility.

At home, I am lucky enough to have a husband who goes with the flow. He’s a saint.

#14: “When you have to complete a task that you simply cannot find a way to make fun.” Yup. Enough said.

#18 – not so true: “Others being surprised that you hold such strong opinions and beliefs, despite your easy-going nature.” I’m pretty loud and outspoken about things I believe in strongly…..

Not sure if this all is ENFP or ADHD. Who cares!

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