21st Century Teacher

Ran across this list of signs you’re a 21st Century Teacher — love them.  Here are my favorites: (21 Signs You’re a 21st Century Teacher for the full list.)

7. You ask your students to do a character/historical person study…and they create mock social media profiles of their character.

14. You visit the Louvre with your students…and don’t spend a dime.

15. You teach your students not to be bullies…or cyberbullies.

16. You make your students turn in their cell phones before class starts…because you plan on using them in class.

How can you not love these?

Let’s just deal with one in this post:

The argument is often heard that you can’t use cell phones in school because there might be bullying/harrassment. I think we’ve moved well beyond this argument, and it is time for the schools to step up to the plate and teach responsible use of technology. Yup, it must be taught at home, but it HAS to be taught in schools as well.

At our house, we have firm rules about appropriate use of technology tools. Parents have passwords to all social media, email, etc. Texting and phone use is only allowed when appropriate, etc. etc. We certainly talk about how to use technology appropriately in other settings, but the use of mobile in a school setting has such a strong NO connotation to my kids that they won’t have the chance to make mistakes and learn until they are in settings with far greater consequences than a 5th grade classroom with loving, caring guiding adults.