We Want Change

“Can We Try It?”

A simple question from a group of kids resulted in this awesome video. A class of ¬†middle school kids in Texas (see edevolution for more background) came up with the idea after reading a book, and asking a different question: “Could children, using the internet, have a dramatic impact on the world around them? ”

And, here’s their product: kids asking for change. It’s saying all the things I’ve been hearing: classrooms are like they were 100 years ago, kids want to collaborate, kids want technology.

This project in itself is a great illustration of what they are talking about: creativity, collaboration, communication. If you read through their blog, you can see how they put the project together. It empowered the kids, gave them “agency” – they feel like they could have an impact. Publishing to the public is an amazing motivator, and has proven to increase the quality of student work, and I think we see that here.

I agree wholeheartedly with them that they aren’t blaming teachers or any person in particular, but rather the “system.” It’s not one person’s fault, it’s a systemic problem. It takes a whole lot of energy to shift the movement of an elephant. But it has to start somewhere, and I thank these kids for doing this.

Kudos to the teacher and administration for being the guides and mentors to these kids.

Watch the video and read their blog. Then go show it to someone else and start a conversation.

(Hat tip to Sir Ken Robinson for tweeting this video.)