Matt Damon Talks

This is hitting the rounds, but had share it here, too.

Matt Damon supports teachers!

His mom talks about the support Matt and his brother had for creativity at school. Where would they be today, had they been in a standardized testing environment?

I think I might follow his mom’s lead: refuse to let my kids talk standardized tests. It probably wouldn’t have an impact, but someone has to stand up.

Matt’s talk on YouTube


Interesting conference August 2-3 in New York — “#140edu: Exploring the State of Education Now.” The purpose of the conference is to “look at the underlying effects the real-time web is having on Education.

I’m watching the livestream  now — conversations with teachers, administrators and others about moving education forward.  At first, I was a little bored because I’m hearing the same things I’ve been hearing about moving education forward: the factory model is outdated, we need to integrate technology, teach the 4cs (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication), etc.

Then, I realized I should be thrilled! This means the conversation is broadening and is becoming more common – this is good. I found out another high school in our area is going to a 1:1 with iPads. Another district is experimenting with iPads for special education.

Communication Tool

Just listened to a disturbing, but essential talk from a man who is a New Jersey school board leader, and a former first responder. His point about the schools and students using now common communication tools was poignant. He discussed what happens with a shooter in the schools – very difficult to listen to, but important, and definitely applicable to less dire situations. How would the school let a parent know? How would the students get information out? What if students are required to leave their phones in their lockers?

Hopefully we never encounter a situation like this, but the lessons and concepts are the same.