Interesting conference August 2-3 in New York — “#140edu: Exploring the State of Education Now.” The purpose of the conference is to “look at the underlying effects the real-time web is having on Education.

I’m watching the livestream  now — conversations with teachers, administrators and others about moving education forward.  At first, I was a little bored because I’m hearing the same things I’ve been hearing about moving education forward: the factory model is outdated, we need to integrate technology, teach the 4cs (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication), etc.

Then, I realized I should be thrilled! This means the conversation is broadening and is becoming more common – this is good. I found out another high school in our area is going to a 1:1 with iPads. Another district is experimenting with iPads for special education.

Communication Tool

Just listened to a disturbing, but essential talk from a man who is a New Jersey school board leader, and a former first responder. His point about the schools and students using now common communication tools was poignant. He discussed what happens with a shooter in the schools – very difficult to listen to, but important, and definitely applicable to less dire situations. How would the school let a parent know? How would the students get information out? What if students are required to leave their phones in their lockers?

Hopefully we never encounter a situation like this, but the lessons and concepts are the same.

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