Next week, my daughter’s high school is hosting a Curriculum Night to give parents a chance to talk to teachers about course options.

I’d like to check with the Social Studies teachers. Next year, my daughter will be taking World History. Having spent the last year researching technology options in education, especially social studies education, I’m hoping to see some great tools being used. I’m concerned, however, that I’m going to see the big ole Holt Reinhart Winston (or other publisher) textbook.

One topic I’m sure (I hope) will be ancient Rome. For today’s learners, I’m wondering which is more effective: pages of text with flat images, or using at something like the Virtual History Roma app that reconstructs ancient buildings in 3D, shows Roman armor on a virtual model, integrates paintings that can be zoomed in tightly, etc.

Take a peek. You tell me your choice. I know mine.

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